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Aaron Karo

best known for his email column Ruminations and his books Ruminations on College Life and Ruminations on Twentysomething Life. In September 1997, as a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Karo sent a humorous email about college to twenty of his friends. That email spawned a regular “email column” called Ruminations on College Life that Karo began sending on a regular basis.

Through forwarding and word-of-mouth, the column spread and readers began subscribing to receive the column directly. Karo continues to write the column, now entitled simply Ruminations, to this day. It is published every other Monday and has over 50,000 subscribers worldwide. On July 10th, 2002, Karo made his stand-up comedy debut at Stand-Up New York in New York City.

Al Lubel
Few comics perform standup comedy as if they were arguing a case before a jury. For Al Lubel it is completely natural. Al left his practice as a trial attorney to concentrate on being a full time standup comedian. Within a year of quitting law Al won the $100,000 Comedy Grand Prize on "Star Search."
Alan Park
A cross between a stand-up comic and sit-down satirist, Alan Park is a regular cast member on CBC's Air Farce LIVE. Alan's commentaries have quickly become one of the most anticipated segments of the show as he mocks reality and digs behind the headlines to find the vein of humour or the object of weird but witty attack.
Andrew Evans

Life outside of Nova Scotia is difficult for Andrew to understand. From the silly to the socially relevant, nothing escapes this sarcastic Maritimers look at big city and pop culture absurdities. Andrew digs deep to make the mundane fascinating, and the complicated, simple. It is a style making him accessible to both the audiences at the Tim Sims Playhouse in Toronto, and a neighborhood pub in Halifax. After winning the Laugh Resorts funniest person with a day job competition in Toronto, Andrew was invited to perform for the first time at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. He has been recorded for XM Radio's Laugh Attack, been seen as a judge on Much Music's Video on Trial and performed at the Halifax Comedy Festival in April 2006.

Andy Hendrickson

Andy Hendrickson is a New York City based comedian and writer. In 2007, he was a showcase winner at HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen where he earned a spot at TBS’ Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. He has performed at well over 100 colleges and is a favorite headliner at comedy clubs across the country. Internationally, Andy has performed at clubs and festivals throughout Canada, England, Holland and Ireland, as well as the Middle East to entertain the troops. He’s had multiple appearances on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom radio and TV show and his CD, It’s Ready, airs regularly on SiriusXM Radio.

Andy Pitz
Andy’s unique brand of comedy has landed him appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Andy is a regular performer at all of New York City's top comedy clubs including Caroline’s, Dangerfield’s, Comic Strip Live and Gotham Comedy Club. He also tours the country and abroad when his wife will allow it.
Angelo Tsarouchas

Angelo Tsarouchas who has guest starred on the Golden Globe-Emmy Award Winning 'Mad Men' and was in the Teen Cult film 'Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle' With his current Showtime special running and his new film 'Fred and Vinnie' coming out next year, don't miss one of the most requested comedians in the world! Angelo Tsarouchas

Barry Kennedy
Barry Kennedy began life as a comedian in 1985 when his friends dared him to appear on amateur night at a Vancouver comedy club. Four months later he was working professionally. Kennedy has acted in a number of television productions in Canada and the US. He has appeared as a headline act at all major Canadian Comedy Clubs, numerous shows in the United States, A & E's Comedy On The Road and as host and comic in the International United Nations Show Tour.
Bobby Mair

I’m a professional comedian from Seaforth, Ontario. I now tour out of London, England. In July 2011 I won $10 000 in a stand up competition aptly named Stand Up and Bite Me. I was the best Stand Up and Biter. A few months later I filmed my Comedy NOW special. It will air on CTV and The Comedy Network in Canada.

Since moving to England I have played a lot of venues I really respected like The Comedy Store, The Stand, The Hob and I got the chance to support Jerry Sadowitz on his national tour.

I started stand up in 2005 when he attended Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance Program in Toronto. I dropped out after 8 months and became a medical lab rat to support myself while I slowly got better at comedy.

In 2009, I was runner up in Stand Up and Bite Me and won a Nintendo Wii. A prize I instantly regifted to my neices and nephews in an effort to say – I love you with money. In 2010 I was the quarter finalist in Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off.

I’ve been recorded various times for radio in Canada including CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera and So You Think You’re Funny, and XM Radio’s Chompin’ at the Bit and Laugh Attack.

Bruce Clark
Bruce Clark was raised in Winnipeg but went lookingfor opportunities in the Los Angeles area and stayedthere. Bruce keeps audiences guessing with his air ofunpredictability and somewhat pseudo-hostile attack ofhis ever-changing subject matter. In addition toheadlining the top comedy clubs in the country, Clarkhas appeared in dozens of popular TV shows includingThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, VH-1's "StandupSpotlight," A&E's "Comedy on the Road" and Showtime's"Comedy Club Network." In addition to appearances boththe Winnipeg and Montreal comedy festivals, Bruce hasnumerous writing credits and has appeared on CBCradio’s The Debaters
D.C. Benny

D.C. Benny was born Benjamin Wartofsky in Washington, DC sometime during the 60's, the first child of a struggling artist and a struggling modern dancer. There was a lot of struggling. His Polish/Austrian Jewish background was confusing because he looked like a giant Mexican. Early on, the youngster showed comedic promise. At a young age he started doing random impressions of Martin Luther King and Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune, which made his parents and kindergarten teachers laugh even though none of them knew who Toshiro Mifune was.

Dana Alexander
Originally from Edmonton, Alberta an now making her home in Toronto, via Vancouver, Dana began with Yuk Yuk’s at a young age and quickly became a regular fixture in their western Comedy Clubs. She has continued to tour with them for the past 8 years . Currently Dana tours nationally and can be seen in Comedy Clubs and Colleges all across Canada. Voted “Best Discoveries” by Now Magazine in 2006 and included in the top ten for “Best Comedy Shows of 2007” the following year she is easily one Canada’s hottest emerging young Comedians . Her television appearances include Much Music’s Video on Trial and CBC’S Ha!ifax Comedy Festival where she can be seen this 2008 season. Dana was also included in the New Years Comedy Extravaganza at Massey Hall this year. Be sure to listen out for her on the Comedy channel on XM Satellite radio and to watch her on CTV’s Comedy Now in 2009.
Daniel Tirado

His fluency in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Polish) allowed him to develop different parts of his brain and become super smart. In 2000, Daniel completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at McGill University. He then followed his acting dream to New York City where he graduated from the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in 2002. It was in New York that he first performed stand-up comedy ... for a Harlem crowd! He bombed terribly and decided to quit. Ten days later, he pulled himself together and hasn't stopped since.

Darren Frost

Who the hell is darren frost? You heard it here first - he's a freak! Where did it all go wrong and why all the anger. Can't we just be friends and get along. No…. No we cannot. Welcome inside the head of me.. LITTLE DARREN FROST. What can I tell you that is not already known. I could just tell you I am funny but I think that is subjective and believe me…some nights I am not so sure. I started performing standup in 92. I became a professional in 95. I have quit seven times throughout my career but like crack I steal from my parents to make sure I keep the habit alive. Hack comedy used to pay my rent. I was a happy comic from Nov 92 - Aug95. Then I started to realize that maybe these jokes are lame and not really appropriate for a mid twenty year old to be telling. Then I saw the light and got off so more hack comedy could be told by others.

Darryl Lenox

Darryl Lenox is judge, jury, and executioner when he takes the stage, and he presides over the courtroom of comedy with authority. The result: insightful, incisive, and always authentic comic justice that punishes the absurdity of the everyday with a life sentence of laughter without parole.

Dave Hemstad
Dave made his national television debut on CBC at the Halifax Comedy Festival in 2002, and has returned there to perform three more times. He has performed in England, and Singapore and memorably on CBC radio's "Madly off in All Directions". Twice he has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, and in 2003 was voted "Best Comedian in Canada" "by the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA).
David Pryde

David Pryde began referring to himself in the third person in 1997, shortly after earning a journalism degree in Halifax. During an in-depth investigative piece on post-grad unemployment David discovered stand-up, which he found refreshingly different from journalism in every way save the microphone and filtered point of view. After returning to his hometown of Montreal, David turned heads in 1999 when he won the first prize at the Comedy Night in Canada Competition at the Just for Laughs Festival. The slight bump in notoriety made David prone to brief, ego-centric spasms of speaking in the first person, which he now has relatively under control, but I digress.

Debra DiGiovanni

Canadian comedian Debra DiGiovanni is one of a kind. She's been called the "Best Comedian to see after a Messy Break Up" and for two years running-she was named Toronto's (her home town) favorite comedian. Her comedy has a sharp edge while maintaining a playful, happy air. And her persona is one of the best developed of any comic working today- couple that with a hilarious act that is so personal everyone can relate- and you see why Debra is so popular. Her humor and charm lies in her unflinching honesty and openness.

Derek Edwards

Derek Edwards has been a professional comedian for over fifteen years. In that time he has amassed an impressive string of credits. In 1995 he was the winner of the Vail National Comedy Invitational in Vail, Colorado. In 1996 he stole the show at the Molson Canadian Toronto Comedy Festival and in 1997 he "knocked 'em dead" at the international Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He did the same at Just for Laughs in '99. His numerous television appearances include A&E's Comedy on The Road, his own CBC-TV comedy special "COMICS!", The Comedy Netowrk's Lanuch-A-Thon, Open Mike with Mike Bullard on The Comedy Network and CTV and a Gala peformance on the 1997 Just for Laughs Comedy Show. Additionally, he recently filmed his own one-hour special for The Comedy Network's COMEDY NOW series entitled 'Blood, Sweat & Beers.' Derek has also been featured on a variety of national radio programs including CBC's Laughing Matters, Madly Off In All Directions And Definitely Not The Opera.

Derick Lengwenus

Derick Lengwenus is an international headliner known for his bold and intelligent style. The Just For Laughs festival describes his act as, "...clever comedy with a quick left turn into absurdity." Derick's credits include: Winner of Best Comedy in the Montreal Fringe Festival, Winner of the Audience Choice Award at Just For Laughs Festival, 2nd place at the 33rd San Francisco Comedy Competition, and three appearances on The Bob and Tome Show.. Now living in Chicago, Derick recently completed studies at the Second City Improv Conservatory.

Don Friesen

Fresh, frenetic, and self-deprecating to a fault, Don Friesen’s comedy is outrageously physical yet thoroughly relatable. Don’s willingness to admit his flaws and exploit them for maximum comedic potential has a way of not only entertaining, but at the same time tapping into the humanity in all of us. It’s a uniquely fun, clever, and clean act with an incredibly broad appeal—an act that has earned him rave reviews and die-hard fans throughout the country.


Eddie Brill

Eddie Brill originally intended to study math and science at MIT, however his stepfather's death when he was just a junior in high school made him reconsider his life's plans and he came to the conclusion that should pursue a more creative career.

Eric McMahon

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if a type-A, high strung, alpha male wound up raising three daughters, then look no further than a night of informative comedy with Eric McMahon.  You will understand the struggle of trying to keep a marriage “blissful” after 20 years, trying to keep the high school boys away from his daughters and protecting their innocence, and dealing with an aging body that simply doesn’t function like the well oiled machine it used to be.   

Franco Taddeo
Franco is able to reach out to the outsider in all of us. Together we laugh and celebrate being stranieri in America. His comedy, like our lives, is neither rooted nor stuck in "nonna's old world". Hilarity ensues when old world meets the new world with only us as its translators! It is comedy about the immigrant as the Hero not the victim. It is Empowering while being damn Entertaining. All about Ethnic Cool not ethnic fools. Franco performs nationwide and has appeared on both CTV and CBC. Having just returned from a triumphant 18 city cross country tour, he'll walk you down that memory of our youth...just in case you happened to "fuggedabout" it. Questo e comico...
Frank Spadone

As a child, Frank showed his comedic side early in life, imitating people (famous or not) and doing various accents. The real test came when Frank was to imitate his High School prinicpal at a team pep rally in front of the whole school. Would he get a laugh? Would he get suspended? Talk about pressure! As it turned out, everybody loved it, including the principal.

Gilson Lubin

Gilson is a comedian with an offbeat, innocence! His charming story telling approach keeps audiences of all genders, ages and cultures in stitches! His accomplishments include a Canadian Comedy Award for pretty funny newcomer and the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal where he was crowned Winner of the Spike the Mike Competition which awarded him a development contract with Spike TV.  

Glen Foster

You may not know the name, but you probably know the face. Glen Foster, a.k.a. "That Canadian Guy" has been a headliner on the Canadian comedy circuit for over twenty years. He has performed on numerous television shows including his own comedy special, CBC’s “Comics”, “Comedy at Club 54", and “The Mike Bullard Show”. He has also made six appearances at "Just for Laughs", the Montreal International Comedy Festival, and is a popular entertainer at corporate functions as well. He has recorded two CDs and recently released his first concert DVD, entitled, "Shot at The Empire".

Gord Paynter

Gord Paynter is a stand-up comic and he is different. Losing his eyesight in his early twenties as a result of diabetes, Gord thought his lifelong dream of becoming a comedian was gone forever. In truth, blindness opened his eyes to a whole new world of opportunity, humour and motivation. It all began on amateur night at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club. Gord's unique style of comedy surprised the audience and triggered fits of laughter. Laughter that sparked the rediscovery of his dream. Today, Gord tours throughout North America performing as both a stand-up comic and a motivational speaker. When not touring, Gord splits his time equally between his wife Catherine and the golf course. (Maybe not equally...) In 1999 he made international headlines when he struck a 184 yard hole-in-one at North-Ridge golf course in his hometown of Brantford, Ontario. And what did he shoot for that round? Six thousand and four!

Jason Good
Im a comedian and a writer out of NYC. I’ve appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and Kill or be Killed on the Howard Stern show. I’m in a horror movie called Choose coming out this year. I’m also developing two of my screenplays, but frankly, who isn’t? I live in New Jersey with my wife and two sons and like making them laugh more than anyone. I also know that I’ll never be quite as funny as my Dad.
Jay Malone

Jay has been headlining comedy clubs across Morth America for the past six years. In 2003 he performed in the Homegrown Competition at the JUST FOR LAUGHS Festival, taking first place, and was invited back the very next year for a gala becoming the only performer to accomplish this in back to back years. In 2005 Jay shot his first nationally televised comedy special, an hour long episode of "COMEDY NOW!" which was chosen to represent the long standing series as its 100th episode. The special was met with critical acclaim and led to Jay's nomination in the "Best Male Standup Comic" category at the 2005 Canadian Comedy Awards.

Jay Oakerson
Philadelphia's Jay Oakerson brings his city's reputation for brotherly love with him wherever he performs. With a laid back style that is very likeable while still wielding a sharp edge, Jay has emerged in the American stand-up comedy scene to become a club and television favourite. He has appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, HBO's Bad Boys of Comedy and hosts Movies On Tap for Spike TV. Obviously a talented talker, "Big Jay" as he is known to friends and fans is also a talented listener whose motto is "you have to study the best to be the best." Jay is a bad boy comic whose good work ethic makes him one of the best in the business.Recently, Jay performed at the NASTY SHOW and a GALA at the 2006 Just For Laughs Festival
Jazz Mann

Jazz Mann, a well-known actor and stand-up comedian, was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Jazz started performing in front of audiences at the tender age of 12. His first stand-up act was an impersonation of Bill Cosby at an elementary school talent show in grade 6. Jazz then started stage work when he was just 14 years old. With more than 32 film and tv credits to his name, Jazz played the lead role in Raju's Blind Date, co-starred in the smash hit Bollywood/Hollywood, and currently stars in the feature in the film Pink Ludoos. Jazz has been seen on the Comesy Network, Comedy @ Club 54, and the PAX Network in the USA. Jazz has toured across the US, Canada, Australia, and recently finished headlining in Hong Kong, China.

Jen Grant
A nominee for "Best Female Comedian" by the Canadian Comedy Awards, Jen has her own half hour TV special on CTV - "Comedy Now". She has performed at virtually every comedy festival in the country; including, The Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Hub Cap Comedy Festival in Moncton, Newfoundland Screech, Sudbury, and the Uptown Waterloo Comedy Festival.

Jen has been on CBC's The Debaters, was a finalist at the Great Canadian Laugh Off and was the first Canadian to be a finalist at the Boston Comedy Competition. One of her greatest honors was to entertain the Troops in Egypt and Israel.

Jen has just moved back to Canada from New York City where she lived for three years and had the opportunity to play major comedy clubs with such legends as Robert Klein, the famous Jim Breuer and the great Louis CK.
Jim Colliton

Jim Colliton’s clean family-style comedy has put him in demand all over the country from Las Vegas to Dixville Notch, NH. Jim has shown you can be funny and work clean on cruise ships, at colleges, clubs, temples, churches, high schools and corporate events. Jim has also worked larger venues opening for the Beach Boys and Patti Labelle along with corporate shows for Pepsi and American Express.

Jim McCue

At six foot six, Jim McCue stands head and shoulders above the sea of 'stick to the script' club comedians. Jim blends thought provoking material and uncanny improv skills with a style that actually encourages audience participation. Featured on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight and at the Boston Comedy Festival, and most recently, entertaining our troops in Iraq, Jim's versatility makes him perfect for any venue; clubs, colleges, corporate, television or film.

Jim McNally

Although Canadian and American audiences have been howling at Jim McNally for over a decade now, he is becoming more and more recognized lately after stellar performances at the Ha!lifax Comedy Festival and on CTV's "Comedy NOW!". In 2005, he was the first comedian to get a standing ovation at Ottawa's Absolute Comedy and was asked back to headline thier first anniversary weekend. The following is his 'bio blurb', which describes him pretty well, but really, you've gotta see him.

Joe Bronzi

Joe Bronzi is an award-winning Stand-Up Comedian, who lists his two small children as his writers. He has opened up for many of the industries' top talents, including Louie Anderson, David Brenner, Robert Klein, Jerry Seinfeld, John Pinette, Brian Regan, Dom Irrera, Gilbert Gottfried and Kevin Pollock.

Joe was featured in the "What's So Funny?" Comedy Festival at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado. He has also appeared in the Toyota Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Festival. He is an accomplished comedy writer and has performed comedy voices for the Daily Comedy Network, MTV, Sirius/XM and terrestrial radio.

Joe is the proud father of two amazing children, Jake and Corina, and the proud owner of his savage guard dog Norman. His girlfriend has declined to be mentioned in this Bio.

Joe DeRosa
Joe DeRosa started stand-up comedy by hitting the Wednesday night open mic at the Laff House in Philadelphia, PA. Within a year, he was a regular there and at all the major clubs in the surrounding area. It was not long before Joe made the jump to New York City to take up comedy as a full time gig. He quickly began working frequently at New York venues such as Caroline’s, Stand-up New York, the Laugh Factory, and Gotham Comedy Club. He also made appearances on “Last Call with Carson Daly,” Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” and the “New Faces” showcase at the Montreal Comedy Festival. In addition, he’s performed on national tours such as Dave Chappelle’s “Block Party Tour” and the “Insomniac Tour” with Dave Attell. Joe continues to perform constantly, making television appearances and headlining clubs and colleges both in and out of the country.
Joe List
Born in the greater Boston area, comedian Joe List began his career in 2000 weeks after graduating from High School. His rapid ascent in the Boston club scene and quirky humor prompted the Boston Globe to profile him in 2005, describing him as
the "most talented" and "the city's freshest new comedian(s), showing real promise, real early".

Joe Matarese

Joe Matarese grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and at the age of nineteen moved his standup act from his parent¹s basement to the local Philadelphia clubs. Three years after breaking into the Philly comedy scene, he moved to New York City to pursue his life long dream. He soon became a regular at all the A-list comedy clubs and was paving his path in show business. Joe's completely autobiographical act pokes fun at his subtly dysfunctional Italian family, his own neuroses, life with a newborn baby boy, and his marriage to a psychologist (his perfect match).

Joey Elias

Montreal’s own Joey Elias began performing comedy in 1992 after losing a pool hall bet to a friend. His loss was the comedy world’s gain. Since his humble beginnings on amateur night stages, Joey has appeared in no less than 11 Just For Laughs Festivals and the 2004 and 2006 Just For Laughs Cross Canada Tour. In 2004 he also ventured to Afghanistan, for the first time, to entertain Canadian troops stationed overseas. From stage to screen, Joey has appeared in several roles including “The Wool Cap” with William H. Macy and “The Day After Tomorrow” with Dennis Quaid.

Jon Fisch

Jon's appearances on Last Comic Standing 4, where he was the New York City Capital One Audience Favorite, gained him wide recognition and a new legion of fans. He has also been seen on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, was invited to perform at the 2007 HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and is a host of 3 Men and a Chick Flick this season on the WE network.

JR Brow

JR Brow is a comedy composer who draws from his eclectic fifteen year collection of jokes, impressions, music, and characters to customize an experience that cannot be described with any one genre. Covering politics, relationships, religion, current events and pop culture, with topics ranging from Columbine to Donkey Kong; JR expertly blends seemingly opposing subjects into a hilarious mix.

Kelly Taylor

At just three years into the uncertain world of stand-up comedy, Kelly Taylor is feeling pretty comfortable with his decision to give up his mediocre career in hockey and pursue his dream. Hockey, once the only way a small town Canadian kid could get to the big city; Taylor now sees the possibilities of comedy taking him all the way to the Alberta border. With the physical attributes of a high school quarterback and the comedic commitment of Jerry Lewis, Kelly Taylor is taking the comedy world by storm.

Kevin Herod
Kevin is the tour guide who will verbally walk you though his old neighborhood where he grew up. Whether he's sharing one of his stories of his time in school, or explaining the peculiar past times in his neighborhood, Kevin has managed to delight and thrill audiences all over Toronto's comedy clubs and across the nation. His sharp wit, hilarious characters and his ability to keep you on your toes, has made Kevin one of the brightest up and coming comics in the city and definitely an audience favorite. Kevin has made appearances on the hit TV show "Buzz", he was nominated for a Tim Simms award,he received a full scholarship to the only comedy program offered at an accredited college in Canada and is also the host of Friday’s Laugh City at Rafferty's in Scarborough, ON.
Kurt Metzger
Besides regularly performing in many a New York City comedy club, Kurt Metzger's credits include performing on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," Showtime's "White Boyz in the Hood" and as a regular on VH1's "Best Week Ever." Kurt has filmed a half-hour special for "Comedy Central Presents" and appeared on Comedy Central's "Important Things with Demetri Martin," IFC's "Z-Rock" and will be a regular on the new Comedy Central program "Ugly Americans." Previously, he was the stand out comedian at the Montreal Comedy Festival's New Faces showcase. He has also written for "Chappelle's Show" on Comedy Central and several other SpikeTV, VH1 and Comedy Central programs.
Larry Miles

"One of the best kept secrets in Boston, it's just a matter of time before Larry Myles achieves national notoriety. "Like the amiable wise guy you met at the local bar you love to hear complain about the Red Sox. He also has a keen topical sense. I just got back from Los Angeles, it's such a big city. If you want to go anywhere you have to drive. Nobody walks in L.A. unless, of course, you're a celebrity accused of murder." (The Boston Globe)

Lenny Marcus

Lenny is a comedian, filmmaker, and one hell of a sardonic wiseass. He is so miserable he's happy. Lenny used to be an advanced systems engineer but retired and now only uses his computer powers for good and not evil. Well okay, sometimes evil. Loved by almost all, people constantly ask why he's still single and when it is revealed that his only interests are sports and comedy, no pretty woman will go near him.

Mark Forward

In 2006 Mark made his first appearance at the pretigious Just For Laughs Festival, where he won the Homegrown Comic Competition. He also won the Canadian Comedy Award for Best New Comer. He followed that up with two more Canadian Comedy award Nominationand one win. He was a writer and performer on the JON DORE TELEVISION show. He currently can be seen as Mr. Leung on MR.D. Mark was recently featured on the LATE LATE SHOW with CRAIG FERGUSON. Mark Travels all over the Galaxy telling Jokes and selling his famous sandwiches.

Mark Poolos


Mark Walker
Mark Walker is a comedian with an incredible ability to combine razor sharp comedy with a dazzling array of celebrity impressions. His insights into the idiosyncrasies of life combined with his impressions of everyone from Jimmy Stewart to Joe Pesci have led him to become one of Canada’s most celebrated comedians and voice impressionists. Originally from Truro, Nova Scotia, Mark has been headlining at comedy clubs across Canada and internationally since 1988.

Massimo has performed at festivals all over Canada including the very prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. This year Massimo was a finalist in The Comedy Network's, Great Canadian Laugh Off. You can also see Massimo in the third season of Spike TV's, Blue Mountain State. " A big loud Italian with a disarming soft side" – Hour Magazine


Matt Sadler

Matt Sadler has been performing stand up comedy for over ten years. His fast-paced, high-energy style is truly a sight to behold. In 1999 he beat out 116 other comics to win the HBO National Talent Search. He was flown to Los Angeles, where he played the Hollywood Improv where he subsequently killed. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about himself in the third person. Over the last 2 years he has performed internationally in Korea, Japan and the Middle East for U.S. servicemen. He is the host of a game for the XBox & Playstation 2 called, "The Guy Game". He & his wife have settled in Austin, Texas as a home base from where he tours frequently. His wife would also like me to mention that he is extremely cute.

Michael Kosta

Michael Kosta has had a busy year. Recently he made his late night debut on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, months following he shot his very own Comedy Central Presents half hour special which will air in 2011. Last summer he was invited to perform a Gala at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, where he (somehow) successfully followed hostess Pamela Anderson. Michael has also appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy and at the prestigious HBO/ US Comedy Festivalin Aspen, Colorado.

Michael Somerville

Michael Somerville is the writer/host of FLN’s “Wingman”, author of Glamour Magazine’s renowned dating column “Jake: A Man’s Opinion” and a nationally touring standup comedian.

He’s appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, NBC’s The Apprentice, VH1 (40 Greatest Pranks,Craziest Concert Moments100 Most Wanted Bodies), Bravo’s 100 Funniest Movies and hosted Starz’s Stand Up or Shut Up, Nick at Night’s Road Crew and Encore’s “What Guys Want”. Michael’s debut CD, “Welcome to Somerville” plays in regular rotation on satellite radio and his web series “Love, Somerville” has received over one million views worldwide. He’s been quoted in numerous publications from Time Magazine to Maxim and was named one of “10 Hottest NYC Comics to Watch” by Improper Magazine.

In his free time, Michael likes sleeping late, fettucini and the color blue. While generally convivial, he is most fun after coffee.

Michael Vecchione
Started performing stand up comedy in 2000. Have been in many independent films as well as the lead role in the off Broadway production of Tony-n-Tina's Wedding. Have been on XM satellite radio, ABC's coverage of the New York Comedy Festival, and Howard Stern on Demand.
Mike Paterson
Working in a bowling alley, Mike Paterson dreamed of being a professional wrestler. He could talk the talk, he wanted to walk the walk. His passion for performance planted the seed that would develop into a stage persona that is the reason why Mike is one of Montreal's most beloved comedians. Exploding with energy, insanity and self-parodying swagger, Mike is an eleven-time Just for Laughs veteran, and a Canadian TV personality, appearing as Mr. Gross on CBC's kids' show, Edible Incredible and himself on Musique Plus' En Avant la Musique Plus. He is also recognizable from television shows like YTV's Seriously Weird, Prank Patrol, and CBC's 18 To Life. Mike has appeared in hundreds of TV commercials, from Jig-a-Loo's "What's So Funny?" campaign and Cage aux Sports "Go Le Gros" campaign. His film credits include Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Abandon, Crawler and many more, featuring big-time stars and Stephen Dorf. His electrifying live appearances coast-to-coast as part of the Dan-D-Lyons "musidy" duo (with Tim Rabnett), Never Surrender (the World's Greatest Lip-sync Band), and as a Canadian Comedy Award nominated solo stand-up are always fun and hilarious.
In his free time Mike writes and produces music videos, writes and directs short films and generally works hard to fulfill his greatest dream: being Mike Paterson.

Mike Ward

Mike Ward is one of the hottest comics working in "Québec" today, a veritable household name in French Canada.  His one-man-show has gone "gold", with more than 90,000 tickets sold, selling out theatres and concert halls throughout Quebec, Eastern Ontario and New Brunswick.

Mike Wilmot
Winner of the Time Out Comedy Award in 2002, Mike Wilmot started life as stand-up comedian in 1995. Since then he's become very popular in the UK, performing on the comedy circuit since 1998, and at the Edinburgh Festival to great critical acclaim. Not to ignore Canada, he has appeared numerous times at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montréal. Mike has performed at every major UK venue, as well as in Ireland, Scandinavia, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bangkok and South Africa. He has made many TV appearances as a stand-up comedian. We have only listed his acting credits.
This is the night you may see tomorrow's Jerry Seinfeld or Wanda Sykes. Come support new talent and pros trying out new material. Also you get to rate the young comedians for our monthly competition BOOM, the last Sunday of every month.
Nate Bargatze
Nate Bargatze got started doing stand up comedy in Chicago,IL. He was there for two years before he went back to hometown Nashville for four months. He then made the journey to New York with  another comedy buddy Sven Weschler. He has been doing comedy for 2 1/2 years and loves every minute of it. He has a little southern humor, but doesn't want to over do it. He has clean relatable  material for everyone. he is influenced by his father who is a magician of over 20 yrs. He also likes the styles of Jerry Seinfield and Brian Regan. He is currently around on the local scene of New York.  Hoping to soon break into the full lifestyle of stand up comedy. Which means no regular job. He has a website that should be up and running soon and you can check out more of Nate Bargatze.
Nile Seguin

Nile Séguin is a boyishly charming stand-up comic whose mom is French Canadian and whose dad is Rwandan. Yeah, he’s having troubles getting his head around it too. Not only does this mean that his DNA takes on an odd appearance under the microscope but it also allows him to see life from a pretty unique perspective.

Ophira Eisenberg

A MAC (Manhattan Association of Clubs and Cabarets) Award Finalist for Best Female Comic, Ophira Eisenberg has appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and Fresh Faces of Comedy, VH-1's Best Week Ever and All Access, E! Channel, the Oxygen Network, and the Discovery Channel. She also had her own ½ hour comedy special for CTV’s Comedy Now!

Paul Smith
In 1989 Paul Smith took the stage at Yuk Yuk’s Downtown flagship comedy club and has never looked back. He quickly became a fan favourite, fitting in as easily on the fundraising circuit as in the comedy clubs. Besides every major comedy club in Canada, Paul has also performed at The NHL Awards (Air Canada Centre), The Canadian Sport Awards (CBC), Toronto Peoples Comedy Festival (Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto), Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation Golf Tournament, (Glendale Golf and Country Club) and hosted The Toronto Association For Community Living Benefit at the Winter Garden Theatre. Paul’s TV appearances include CLUB 54 (CHCH/ Comedy Channel), COMICS (CBC/Comedy Channel), YUK YUK’S TV SHOW (CBC/ A&E), SICK KIDS TELETHON (CTV/ Toronto & Calgary).
Rick Bronson

For the last 18 years he has been performing his award winning comedy across the globe to critical acclaim. Rick’s incredible show and likeable personality has made him one of the most sought after performers in North America. His one-man show has five times earned him COCA Comedian of the Year. He has won an AMPIA award for Best TV Host for his work on the award winning series The Tourist. His one-hour special for The Comedy Network and CTV was the highest rated special in the networks history.

Rob Ross
Rob Ross has been a professional comic for 12 yrs. He was recently featured in his own one hour “Comedy Now” special “Local Boy” on both The Comedy Network and CTV, as well as a gala performance on CBC’s “Prairie Comedy Celebration” hosted by David Steinberg. He has also been working in television for many years. Rob has been featured on the CBC series “Comics!” as well as appearing in Montreal’s “Just For Laughs” comedy festival, and Toronto’s “People’s Comedy Festival”, with Rita Rudner.
Ron Josol
Ron Josol is a professional stand-up comedian performing across the globe. Performing regularly in Canada, U.S., Hawaii, Persian gulf, Asia, central America and top comedy clubs like the improve and the infamous laugh factory in Hollywood California. 2000 Ron won the Craven A’s funniest home grown competition for the Just For Laughs comedy festival and from there achieved a lead in his own comedy specials, “Comedy Now”, on CTV/Comedy network, the “Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and The Orange County Comedy Festival”.
Ron Vaudry
A comedy legend in his native America, Ron Vaudry has decided, thankfully, that the rest of the world needs to see and hear his unique talent, and is making an increasing number of well-received forays to the mother country. Biting, cynical and generally angry, Vaudry's talent is such that in the sincerest form of flattery, he is often mimicked but rarely mastered.
Ross Bennett

I enlisted in the Army in 1973 with hopes of getting out 3 years later and going to college on the GI Bill. But the Army had other ideas and ended up sending me to West Point. After a year and a half I resigned to become a comedian. To my father it was like dropping out of the Human Race to be a cloud. Dad was disappointed but fortunately I knew it was the right thing to do. After I left the Academy I studied theatre, and started doing stand-up on the side. Eventually it was more fun hanging out in bars and telling jokes for a little cash, than hanging out in theatres, doing Ibsen and trying to get funding.

Ryan Belleville

Now Magazine describes him as "Silly and Sureal" and "One of Canada's top comedic talents.". Winner of the Canadian Comedy Award, and the Phil Hartman Award. A crowd favorite he has appeared five times at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, and 3 times on CBC's  Halifax Comedy Festival. He appeared on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, CBS  The Late Late Show.  He starred in Fox's sitcom Life on a stick, National Lampoons Going the Distance, Disney's Stuck in the Suburbs, and he starred in the award winning family film Finn on the Fly. Ryan is the star and creator of the new Showcase show Almost Heroes hitting the air this spring.

Sandy Marks

Sandy Marks is a socially provocative and extremely funny comedian who tours Nationally. Sandy has become one of the most versatile and highly entertaining comics working today. He is known for his enlightening and sometimes self- deprecating humor. While in New York Sandy is known to be a regular at Manhattan clubs including The Comedy Cellar, Stand Up NY and Dangerfield's.

Steve Patterson

Widely recognized to hundreds of thousands of Canadians as the host

of CBC’s comedy hit “The Debaters”, Steve Patterson’s golden gift for
comedy is un-debatable.

Stewart Francis

An internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian, accomplished actor and writer, Stewart Francis is one multi-talented performer. As a stand-up, Stewart has headlined all over North America and Great Britain, as well as having performed in numerous venues worldwide, including Hong Kong, South Africa, and throughout Europe. His comedy festivals include Montreal's Just For Laughs, Smirnoff Comedy Festival in South Africa, Belfast Comedy Festival, Edinburgh's Fringe Festival, Glasgow Comedy Festival, Winnipeg, Halifax and Vancouver Comedy Festivals.

Sugar Sammy
As one of the hottest, young comedians on the international circuit, Sugar Sammy has recently enjoyed considerable success around the world. Setting him apart from the rest, he performs in four languages (English, French, Punjabi and Hindi), has set attendance records and critics worldwide are unanimous in their praise of his hilarious material and his laconic delivery. named him “Comedy’s New Rock Star”. Sugar Sammy’s TV credits include a special Minorities Rules on Showtime Arabia that will air in 14 countries throughout the Middle East, Just For Laughs on CBC, Comedy Now on CTV, and he has also appeared on The Comedy Network (Canada), The Comedy Channel (Australia), and on Dutch TV, each timing winning audiences over and gaining new friends on Facebook!
Tim Rabnett

Tim Rabnett is one of Montreal`s most beloved comedians. Impressive for a native of Ontario. Since moving to Montreal for college, Tim has spent over a decade winning over the potentially hostile Quebecers, and audiences coast to coast with his warm style and clever writing. With a range of  credits including appearances at the Just For Laughs Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival and on CBC radio`s The Debaters and, Tim has  developed the skills to entertain audiences young and old. Tim has also appeared onVideo On Trial, and had his own nationally televised special on CTV`s Comedy Now!Enjoy Tim Rabnett, and find out what the French already know. Bon Appetit!

Tommy Savitt

Tommy Savitt is the 2008 winner of the Seattle-International Comedy Competition and the 2007 winner of the Boston Comedy Festival. Tommy has dedicated this past decade performing for our troops overseas. Tommy is a regular guest on the Bob & Tom show and is heard daily on Sirius and XM radio and has appeared on Si Tv and Comcast On demand as well as over a dozen national television commercials.

Tommy Tiernan

A fearless force of energy, Tiernan is one of the few comics to take his audience on a genuine emotional journey elevating the soul through rich, honest laughs. Tiernan has an instinctive way of crafting words to bring his anecdotes to vivid life and make the jokes truly resonate. Standing at 5ft 9inches tall in his socks and weighing in at 78kg, this Gemini contrarian is back with his irreverent mix of the wholesome and the totally inappropriate. Performing like a homeless preacher high on the wine of laughter, Tiernan promises both the sacred and the profane wrapped up in a spirit of r ecklessness. Fresh from his Sell Our solo tour of Australia and New Zealand and his third appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman”. Tiernan’s shows are high intensity, high octane, a no holds barred roller coaster ride as Tommy continues his constant interrogation of the big ideas - Sex, Religion, Family through the lens of his quirks, personal demons and sense of outrage.

Tony Woods
Tony Woods is a one-of-a-kind comedic legend that is always in control of his audience. A seasoned veteran in the comedy business, Tony is recognized not only by fans but by his peers as one of the best and most engaging comedians in the business.
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Vanessa Hollingshead

Vanessa is the quintessential native New Yorker.  She only just got her drivers license a couple you years ago. She spent a year at Millbrook Mansion with her father who introduced Timothy Leary, and later, Paul McCartney of the Beatles to LSD.  After an accidental “trip” of her own at 5 years old, she returned to the care of her mother who was trying to juggle the full time career of finding good grass in bad neighborhoods with her responsibilities as a mom. Throw in two years on a commune by herself, two years in London with her dad, a decade of temp work and her angst was complete. Coincidentally, a comedian was born.

Vic Lippucci

Born in Vancouver, Canada. Now living in New York City. Vic Lippucci is quickly rising up to become one of the hottest comics in the biz. Nicknamed by his colleagues as “Pooch”, his stage persona is a mix of written material combined with his background in improv, which guarantees no 2 shows are alike. Vic’s performances make use of the whole stage and have been described as high energy, expressive and very physical. "When performing. My biggest goal is to ensure the audience feels comfortable. The best feeling is when you can make a room full of absolute strangers feel like one big group of friends….that to me is a good show." - Vic Lippucci



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Winston Spear
Winston Spear is a unique comedian with a deep deadpan delivery who has been called the King of the Obscure. Although his slightly disturbed sensibility makes him a sure-fire hit, there is a certain charisma that endears Winston Spear to audiences when he performs. He is a regular cast member and staff writer on CTV and The Comedy Network's hit sketch show Comedy Inc., now in its fifth season.