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Mike Paterson May 15-17

Working in a bowling alley, Mike Paterson dreamed of being a professional wrestler. He could talk the talk, he wanted to walk the walk. His passion for performance planted the seed that would develop into a stage persona that is the reason why Mike is one of Montreal's most beloved comedians. Exploding with energy, insanity and self-parodying swagger, Mike is an eleven-time Just for Laughs veteran, and a Canadian TV personality, appearing as Mr. Gross on CBC's kids' show, Edible Incredible and himself on Musique Plus' En Avant la Musique Plus. He is also recognizable from television shows like YTV's Seriously Weird, Prank Patrol, and CBC's 18 To Life. Mike has appeared in hundreds of TV commercials, from Jig-a-Loo's "What's So Funny?" campaign and Cage aux Sports "Go Le Gros" campaign. His film credits include Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Abandon, Crawler and many more, featuring big-time stars and Stephen Dorf. His electrifying live appearances coast-to-coast as part of the Dan-D-Lyons "musidy" duo (with Tim Rabnett), Never Surrender (the World's Greatest Lip-sync Band), and as a Canadian Comedy Award nominated solo stand-up are always fun and hilarious.


In his free time Mike writes and produces music videos, writes and directs short films and generally works hard to fulfill his greatest dream: being Mike Paterson.